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Water Treatment

WA Salt Group offers a washed and graded large crystal salt for both industrial and domestic water treatment. These products have a large crystal size providing improved efficiency for water treatment processes.

Dishwasher Salt

Our Dishwasher Salt is a high quality, refined salt grade made from 100% natural West Australian Lake Salt, and is used typically for European dishwashers with built in softener units. The typical crystal size of this product is 3.35mm.

Water Softener Salt

A high quality, coarse grade salt made from 100% natural West Australian Lake Salt used in water treatment plants. A typical crystal size of 3.35mm ensures that this product is very effective in the treatment of water.

WA Salt Group offers these products packaged from 1kg to 1,000kg bulker bags. For more information on our range of products and your specific requirements please contact our sales department.