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Skin & Hide Salt

Skins and hides are cured using salt to prevent them from spoiling prior to entering the tanning process. These products are manufactured under responsible quality systems that comply with ISO 9001:2015.

Hide Salt

A high quality dry salt that is kiln dried and mixed with Sodium Fluoride and Boric Acid. With a typical crystal size of 1.7mm, this product assists with the preservation of hides.

Sheepskin Salt

A high quality dry salt, crushed to give a mix of finer crystals for the more effective preservation of sheepskins. It is mixed with Sodium Fluoride and Boric Acid. This product is offered at various Sodium Fluoride and Boric Acid mix percentages to best meet the requirements of our customers. The typical crystal size is 0.5mm.

WA Salt Group offers these products packaged in 1000kg bulker bags. For more information on our range of products and any queries on your specific requirements please contact our sales department.