created by Mother Nature

Our Mission

Our company was built by our forefathers and we proudly follow their lead by continuing to produce high quality, safe and pristine salt products for destinations in Australia and around the world. “We are the salt of the earth,” farming salt in remote regions of Western Australia. Proudly in business since 1944 and completely committed to our product, our people and our customers.

Our Values

Customer Focus

Building and maintaining great customer relationships is central to our business. We are committed to providing the best product and service we can by listening to their needs and through our actions be the customers’ “first choice”.


Through innovation we will actively strive for continuous improvement of our business and we will look for new ways to support our customers and achieve a more sustainable tomorrow. We will act upon opportunities, learn fast from success and failure and inspire others to continuously seek innovative solutions.

Our People

We strive to maintain a safe and enjoyable workplace where our people can foster mutual respect and responsibility as well as achieving their personal goals. We will work to attract and retain these people by promoting diversity, equality and inclusivity in the workforce. We will lead by example and act with integrity and respect.

Our Environment

We are committed to respecting our planet in everything we do. With mutual respect we will deliver the best outcome for the planet and our business.